Straw to Mouth Popcorn: Funny Kitty Party Game

funny kitty party game

We have been playing the games with straw since long, sometimes it is picking the candies with straw, sometimes it is straw clips in hair and what not. This time it is something different. Straw to Mouth Popcorn is a funny kitty party game which can suit both the ladies kitty parties as well as the couple kitty parties. If you are playing it in a couple kitty party, call the couples to the playing area one by one and if you are playing it in a ladies kitty party, call two ladies from each team to play the game.

Straw To Mouth Popcorn: Funny Kitty Party Gamefunny kitty party game

Things required

To play this game, you just need many popcorns and the straws.

How to play 

Call the couple or the ladies pair to the playing area and give them a straw and a bowl with counted number of popcorns. Do remember that you have to count the popcorns before you start the game. This is a one minute funny kitty party game and thus the couple will get a minute to win it.

As the time starts, the husband has to pick the popcorn from the bowl using the straw and feed it to the wife. By the time wife finishes eating the popcorn, husband will pick another popcorn from the bowl. Make them stand at some distance to make the game a bit difficult. The couple who manages to finish the maximum number of popcorn in one minute will be the winner of this game.

It is very funny game when played with couples as men are not that good at picking the popcorns with the straw. Do not forget to count the popcorns before the game starts because that is the only way to count how many popcorns each couple finished. Do play this game in your upcoming couple party and let me know how your friends like it.


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