Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss in Pout Review


Hello Kitties, today I am reviewing the Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss in Pout. The shade looks good but it somehow didn’t suit me. Read more for the detailed review.

The Smashbox lip gloss comes in a nice and elegant packaging which I really loved at first sight. The edgy box of this lipgloss is quite durable and looks stylish when carried along. The shade name is written at the bottom of the gloss tube. The applicator is also very nice and holds a good amount of product enough to paint your lips.

 Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss in Pout

Coming to shade, it is a very different color, and I won’t really be able to describe it. Somewhat very light pink or peach mixed with off-white or something else may be, I am still not sure. Just check the swatch picture below.

When talked about the application, the lipgloss is a bit sticky and gives an uneven look at first coat, but second coat made it look smooth. So I was quite satisfied with the applicator and application of this Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss in Pout. But the color didn’t suit me as far as I guess. Just check the picture below and tell me if you liked the shade on me or not. I guess most of you will say a big NO, as my husband did.

I tried to put on this lip gloss many times, with many different outfits thinking that it may suit one or the other outfit but it failed. I feel that this lip gloss is not made for the Indian skin tone. It may suit the white women though.

Is Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss in Pout Long Lasting?

Though I didn’t like the lip gloss at all on myself, I had to put it on for testing if it is long lasting or not. So, yes, it lasts for good 3-4 hours on your lips and in fact, keeps your lips softer for that much of time. The creamy base of this lip gloss actually keeps your lips softer.

Overall, I would rate the product 2.5 out of 5.



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