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September 16, 2019

Super Fun Tambola Game For Kitty Party

Disclaimer first, this is not my game idea. 😀 I played this interesting and fun tambola game in our kitty party yesterday and couldn’t resist sharing it with my readers worldwide. So this is one of the best tambola games I have played. Though we have to play this game with the regular tambola board and numbers, the interesting part lies in the tambola ticket here.

To play this game in your kitty party, you need to make the tambola tickets with these sentences written on it. So, there are 16 blanks in the sentences given below which means your tambola ticket will have 16 numbers. Give one sheet to each member and ask them to write the numbers on their own. They have to write the numbers on each of the blanks and play the tambola in a normal way.

Dividends of Fun Tambola GameFun tambola game

  1. I got married at the age of ________ with ______years old boy.
  2. I became a mom at ____ age and we have ____ children.
  3. I have _____ boyfriends.
  4. I kiss my husband ________times in a day.
  5. I take bath  ________ times in a year.
  6. I am busy on WhatsApp _______ % of my time.
  7. I fight with my husband ______ times in a month.
  8. I tell my husband to watch TV only _________times in a day.
  9. Before going to sleep my husband says I Love You _______times.
  10. My husband prepares _______% food.
  11. My husband snores almost _______ times while sleeping.
  12. My husband listens to me _______% to whatever I say.
  13. We have already celebrated __________anniversary with _________guests.

In this fun tambola game, the dividends are these 13 lines. Whenever a guest gets the numbers of a line cut, they can claim the price. Before giving them the prize money, ask them to read out the sentence aloud. The laughter riots start when the members start reading the sentences like I Have 56 Boyfriends or My husband prepares 90% of food etc.

So to play this game, you can either write down these sentences on a sheet and get the photocopies done or you can copy paste these sentences on MS Word and get the printouts.

DO let me know if you like the game idea.

Bubbye 🙂


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  1. Very nice..thanx for a great idea with great fun..
    A doubt
    On what basics we will give prizes??
    Substitutes for ..
    1st..2nd..3rd line..
    Pls rply

  2. i think you can keep dividends like first 4 lines,second 4 lines and last 4 lines(but if you write 12 lines)
    secondly you can keep a dividend for all sentences having the word “HUSBAND” and “I”.
    you can also keep all even numbered lines and odd numbered lines as dividend.
    so i guess you can interpret the game as you like.

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