Independence Day Tambola Tickets


August is just around the corner and the best themes of kitty party in this month include the Independence Day Theme Kitty Party. And whenever we plan a theme kitty party, the first thing we think about is the theme tambola tickets and the decor items. In this post, we will share the decor ideas of Independence Day theme kitty party and the tambola tickets.

For decoration of your kitty party hall, you can use the cutouts of our national leaders. You can also buy the ready made posters from the market if you don’t want to get the cutouts made. Apart from that, you can decorate your kitty party hall with the national flags and the dupattas of our tri color.

Independence Day Tambola Tickets

These are beautifully designed Independence Day Tambola Tickets in the shape of kites. The beautiful tri color makes them best suitable to the theme. You can keep the dividends like a small kite, a big kite, charkhi, and kanni or can also keep them as some of our patriotic songs. These tickets are available for sale at Rs 15 per piece plus shipping charges. Do remember that we don’t take order less than 10 tickets. You can leave your comments below in the comments section if you want to place your order.

This is our second design of Independence Day Tambola Tickets where we have three colors as the dividends. You can add the dividends to your own preferences like early five, corners, BP etc. The houses can be kept in the name of patriotic songs or some famous patriotic dialogues of our national leaders.

These tickets are also available at the price of Rs 15 per ticket plus the shipping charges. Do let us know if you want to place the order. Make sure you place the order at least a week before your kitty party because we all know how our Indian postal system works and that too in the month of August when there is a heavy load of Raksha Bandhan couriers.

Happy Kittying. Love Love <3 <3 <3



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