India Map Jigsaw- Republic Day Game


Republic Day falls on 26 January and ladies usually plan a republic day theme kitty party this month. Today I am sharing a simple republic day game idea for your kitty party on this theme. This is an Indian map jigsaw puzzle game. It is, however, a very common and simple game but goes well with the theme.

Simple Republic Day Gamesimple reublic day game


Things Required
  • Indian map jigsaw puzzle.
  • Stopwatch

How to Play

  • Divide your guests into teams and give one jigsaw puzzle to each team.
  • The challenge here is to make the Indian map from the jigsaw puzzle pieces.
  • The team which makes it first will be the winner of this game.

The simple republic day game of India Map jigsaw puzzle are easily available at amazon. You can buy it here. 



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