Pick The Marshmallows : Party Game For Kids

party game for kids

If you are looking for some simple yet interesting party game for kids, try this simple game with marshmallows. Kids would love playing this game as marshmallows are one of their favourite food items. It is a simple game and you just need a few chopsticks and mini marshmallows for this game. This is a one minute game and the kids will get a minute to win it

Interesting Party Game For Kids

party game for kids

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You can make all the kids play this game all together if you want to save time or else call the kids one by one to complete the challenge. Keep many mini marshmallows on the table and also keep 4-5 pair or chopsticks. Call 4-5 kids at a time to play this game Give them each a separate bowl to collect the marshmallows. This is a simple game for kids and kids of all age group will enjoy playing this game. You can try this game in a birthday party or also add it in your list of indoor party games in summer activities.

They will get one minute to complete the challenge and the kid who collects maximum number of marshmallows in one minute using the chopsticks will win the game. The only rule in the game is that kids cannot use their hands to pick the marshmallows. Also announce before the game that kids can eat the marshmallows they collect in one minute and will also get a prize.

If you have many kids in your party, you can divide them into teams and call one member from each team to complete this challenger. The kid who wins this party game for kids will bag a point for his team.

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