Don’t Blow The Queen – Simple One Minute Games for Kitty Parties

kitty party games for ladies

One minute game for kitty party . This is a party game played with the cards. This is a simple one minute party game and can be played with any aged group. It can be fine as the office party game groups as well as the kitty party game.

It is a simple one minute party game for kitty party, but yet creates good fun. You just need a pack of cards and a plane table to play this game. One player at a time can play this party game. 

One minute game for kitty party 

one minute games for kitty party

How to play Don’t Blow The Queen One Minute Party Game

Keep the table with a smooth top in the center and spread all the card over it upside down. Spread the cards in such as way that the queens come beneath all the cards. The player have one minute to blow out the cards from the table. The player has to blow the cards in such a way that all cards fell down but the queens stay on the table. The player who managed to make all four queens on the table, wins the game.

You can add variations in the game by making it King and Queen or by increasing or decreasing the time limit. This game seems to be a simple party game but is not that easy to blow all the cards in one minute in such a way that Queen stays on the table. All the cards are kept upside down but Queens will be kept upright. Try this game in your ladies kitty party and let me know your friends love it or not.

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