Puddle Jumper – Couple Party Game For Holi Party


This is again a simple yet interesting couple party game perfect for a holi theme party. This can however be also played in some other parties but suits best to the holi theme kitty party.

This can also be played by a single individual player but if you have a couple party at your place you can arrange it either wise.

To play this couple party game Puddle Jumper you need a few of big sized disposable glasses and few TT balls.

How to play Puddle Jumper – Couple Party Game

puddle jumper couple party gameArrange 8 disposable glasses filled with colored water to the top. And put one TT ball in each of the glass in any one row. Arrange 8 glasses in two rows with 4 glasses in each row.

Now call the couple to the game table and start your stop watch. All the couple has to do is to blow the ball from one glass to other in facing row. Other spouse will then blow the ball back to the same glass.

I hope you got the game clear.

If not, feel free to ask any of your doubts in the comment box below.

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