Blow The Cherries – One Minute Party Games


One Minute kitty games . This is a one minute party game perfect for the kitty party. You can also arrange this one minute game in any birthday party as well. This could be easy for a kid or even tougher for an adult to play. Overall it is interesting one minute party game which will bring fun in your kitty party.

One Minute Kitty Games

one minute kitty gamesYou need just a few cherries and a place to hang them. Hang three cherries with thread and make the player stand at a distance. When the time starts the players has to blow the cherries with their breath and east them without using their hands. They just have to make to momentum for cherries with your breath and move them to your mouth. This is not much easy but not that difficult too.

This one minute kitty games also be arranged as a Valentines day party games or even as the birthday party games. I arranged it as a birthday party game and kids love playing it, but I find it best suitable as ladies kitty party games also. You can easily arrange it in your kitty party or even add in your list of couple party games.  

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