Saree Shaper Review : How To Look Slimmer In A Saree

saree sahpe wear

Saree Shaper Review. Sarees are evergreen. No matter what’s trending and what’s not, sarees never go out of fashion and the best part about this ethnic piece of garment is that it suits every body type and every age group. While Sarees are evergreen, the old traditional petticoats are totally out of trend now and the new Saree Shapers are in the game.

With and Without Saree Shaper

As you can see in the image above, wearing the saree shaper instead of a regular petticoat gives a beautiful shape to your hips and waist area. Also, the pleats in the skirt area look beautiful with the saree shaper.

Saree Shaper Review

With the changing trends, the sarees are now being worn with the crop tops and t-shirts instead of the traditional blouses and the petticoats are being replaced by saree with denim, pants, palazzos, saree with lehenga and the saree shapers.

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What is a Saree Shaper

A saree shaper is a petticoat stitched in a special shape which makes you look slimmer. While the traditional petticoat is pretty baggy in shape, this new Saree Shaper comes in a mermaid shape or you can also call it a fish shape. It is tighter from the hips area and then has a flair in the skirt part of your saree. It gives your waist a toned look and you look slimmer as compared to the regular and traditional petticoat.

I have bought two different types of saree shapers in two different colors and I will tell you about both of them one by one and then we will compare them with the traditional petticoat.

Fioleen Women Microfiber Waist Trimmer Thigh Slimmer Saree Shapewearsaree shaper review

This saree shaper is pretty much like the body shapers made of full tight elastic material. The material and quality are absolutely the same as the body shapers. It has no string (naada) and the elastic itself is very tight to hold your saree. It is pretty tight from the belly area also and thus gives you a slimmer look, pretty much like the tummy tuckers.

It has a side slit and thus is comfortable in walking or sitting. Initially, you might find it a bit uncomfortable but once you wear it for 10 minutes, you will find it good.

I would rate it as 4.5/5 and certainly, recommend it. I am a full-figured lady and wear XL clothes so I ordered this saree shaper in the XL size only. I got it in black color, but there are many other colors available on Amazon.


Comix Women’s Synthetic Petticoat

This is also a saree shaper but is totally different from the one mentioned above. It is made out of stretchable fabric and also has a string (naada). As it is made of fabric, it won’t really suppress your belly area and thus might not give you a slimmer effect there but again this is stitched in a mermaid shape so it will certainly give you a slimmer effect in the hips area. This Saree Shaper also has a slit so that you can walk and sit comfortably in your saree. For women who need a string (naada) for their own satisfaction, I would recommend this over the above one.



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