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September 18, 2019

Republic Day Kitty Party Game: One Minute Written Game

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Its January and apart from Sankranti and Lohri, Republic Day is the theme for this month kitty party. Today I am sharing a one minute written game which is actually a Republic Day Kitty Party Game.

To play this game you need the sketch pens or pens of tri-color that is, green, white and orange. Also, you will need colored sheets so that white color is visible.

How to play Republic Day Kitty Party Game

  • To play this game you need to give one sheet to each playing member.
  • You can play this game individually or as a team game.
  • Give the sheet and the pens to the playing member and the challenge is to write I Love India in these three colors in one minute.
  • That is, I in orange color, love in white and then India in green.
  • This is a one minute challenge and the member who writes maximum time will be the winner.

This is a simple game but then again very much suitable to your Republic Day or Independence Day Theme Kitty Party.

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