Lucky Lady Valentines Day Game

valentines day lucky lady game

To play this game in your Valentines Day kitty party you just need two dices. This is a Valentines Day Lucky Lady Game and the ladies will come one by one to play this game. You will need three dices to play this game.

Valentines Day Lucky Lady Game

This is a very simple game but suits well to your Valentines Day kitty party. All you need to do is to give three dices to the ladies one by one and they will throw the dice. The lady who gets a total of 14 in her dices will be the winner and will get the prize of the lucky lady in your Valentines Day Theme Kitty Party.

To get 14 the dices should be in a combination of 3+6+5, 4+5+5, 5+7+2, 5+3+6 etc. The total of all dices should be 14 which is the date of Valentines Day.

If you get two or more winners, you can take the lucky chit from them or can make them play again.


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