Simple One Minute Party Game : Toss the Table Tennis ball


Simple One Minute Party Game . Have you ever played tennis with a table tennis ball ? Try this as your party game this time.

This is a fun game for your kitty party. All you need for this game is a tennis racket and a table tennis ball. This game is suitable for any age group and thus you can arrange it as a birthday party game as well as the kitty party games.

Simple One Minute Party Game

simple one minute party game

The player need to hold the racket in his knees and toss the tennis ball on it . The time limit is one minute and the player who pops the ball for the maximum times in one minute will win this game.

You can play this one minute game for party in any of the parties , may it be a birthday party, a family gathering, an office party or even a ladies hen’s party. Please hit the FB like button if you like the one minute party games in office . Also share it with your friends on the social media websites, after all sharing is caring.

This Simple one minute party game  is pretty simple and the image makes it even more explicable, but if you have any doubt regarding this game, do leave a comment below in the comment box, I am here to sort them out.



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