Pop the ball – Interesting Game For New Year Party


New Years Eve Parties usually have big gatherings but if you are planning a small party at your place with a few near and dear ones, this is a perfect game for new year party. This is a fun game for your new years party or say any other party with your loved ones.

Game for New Year Partygame for new year party

To play this game in your New Year party, you just need the balls and one or two tennis rackets. You can either call the players to play this game one by one of can also call two or three players at a time to play the game.

This is a one minute party game and the players will get the time limit of one minute to complete the challenge. Adjust your stopwatch to one minute and call the players to the playing area.

The player need to hold the racket in his knees and pop the small tennis ball on it. The time limit is one minute and the player who pops the ball for the maximum times in one minute will win this game.



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