Glass In Glass – Fun One Minute For Party


One minute game for party: This is a different and interesting one minute game with disposable glasses. You can arrange this game in any type of party. It might be a kitty party game, a birthday party game or even a valentines day party game.

One minute game for party

one minute game for party

In this one minute game for party the players will first make a stack of four glasses with one glass upside down and one index card then again a glass and index card. When the time starts the player has to remove the index card in such a way that the glass gets into another glass. This is a one minute game and you can give three chances to the player to win this game.

If you are thinking that it is a simple one minute game for party, you are sadly mistaken my friend. It is not at all easy to get the glass in glass after removing the index card. Make sure you play it very slowly and steadily to get it right. Also make sure that the table is stiff and stable while playing this game or else it will be difficult to balance the glasses over the index cards.

You can play this one minute game for party in any of the parties , may it be a birthday party, a family gathering, an office party or even a ladies hen’s party. Please hit the FB like button if you like the one minute party games in office . Also share it with your friends on the social media websites, after all sharing is caring.

This one minute game for party is pretty simple and the image makes it even more explicable, but if you have any doubt regarding this game, do leave a comment below in the comment box, I am here to sort them out.



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