Bra for backless dress: Bra Hacks May Help You

bra for backless dress
Source : the-ultimate-beauty

Do you often wear the backless dresses? Do you buy the special bra for backless dress? What kind of bra do you wear with those? Do the backless bras solve your problems completely? These are some very common questions which I often think about before wearing the backless dresses, but today while browsing over the web I came across some interesting bra tricks which every woman should know. I can’t resist myself to share these bra tricks with my female readers over here.

Hacks of Bra for Backless Dress

Bra Clips

bra for backless dress
Source: the-ultimate-beauty

Clip your bra straps with a special clip to make them best suitable for your sleeveless tops. The bra straps keep peeping out when we wear the sleeveless tops and this trick helps significantly. You can use the normal paperclip if you don’t want to buy the special bra clips. Buy Here. 

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Sewing Bra Strap Holder

Sew a bra holding snaps in your tank tops to avoid the bras peeping out. You can do that easily and don’t really need the sewing skills to do that. Check out the link below to know how to do that.

DIY tutorial

Tape your breasts

bra for backless dress

If you don’t find a perfect sized and suitable bra for backless dress, you can anyways tape your breasts for that. Do remember that you can use only the medical skin tape or the masking tape for that. Remove the bra in the shower. Alternatively, use baby or vegetable oil to peel it gently away.

Low back bra converters

bra for backless dress

Worried about wearing low back kurtas, blouses and evening dresses? This converter is the perfect solution to the peeping bra band. With these converters, you can easily wear the low back dresses without worrying about the peeping bra bands in your back. These converters are generally available in three colors- white, black and skin color.

Buy Here 


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