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September 18, 2019

Party Games

  Any party will be boring and dull without some interesting party games, especially when it is a ladies kitty party. In this category, you will find a huge collection of games which include the one-minute games, couple games, individual games, group games, team building games, baby shower games, bridal shower games, birthday games, office games and much more. One minute games are usually played with a time limit where the players have to complete the given challenge in one minute, however, you can adjust the time according to your own preferences too. There are also some very simple games here in this category for those groups who don’t really want to involve much of the physical activities and have fun. You can play these one-minute games in your ladies kitty party and have fun with your friends. Most of these are the individual games but if you have more members in your ladies kitty party, you can first divide them into teams and then call one member from each team to play the game. This way you can involve all the members in the game. If you are playing these games in your family gathering or some family reunion party, you can twist them accordingly. Always try to keep the games in your party which can involve all age groups and most of the members at a time, otherwise, other guests or the kitty party members will get bored which obviously is not what we want.

Funny Party Games : Have Fun With Cotton Balls

Funny Party Games For Ladies Things you need- Cotton balls, two bowls, a spoon How to play- Call the members one by one. Make then sit on a chair and blindfold them. This is a funny blindfold game. TKeep the bowl with cotton balls in her lap and one empty bowl on her head. In […]

Funny Game With Cotton Balls and Chopsticks

If you are looking or some fun party games for teenagers, this game might suit your search. This is the game of picking and shifting the cotton balls using chopsticks. This might seems one of the simpler games but trust me it is one of the difficult fun party games for teenagers. Picking a cotton […]

Party Games : Coin between the knees

Party games with coins Things you need– A pot and many coins How to play– Place an empty wide-mouth jar in the middle of the room. Ask the ladies to keep a cushion in their top as shown in the picture. Members start about ten feet from the jar with a coin placed between her/his […]

Party Games : Light The Maximum Candles and Win The Prize

Party Games – Light The Candles Things you need-  A big tray Candles Match box How To Play– Call the members one by one and give the time limit of one minute. Every member has to light the candles using one match stick. The member who light the maximum candles with one stick is the winner. […]