Funny Game With Cotton Balls and Chopsticks


If you are looking or some fun party games for teenagers, this game might suit your search. This is the game of picking and shifting the cotton balls using chopsticks. This might seems one of the simpler games but trust me it is one of the difficult fun party games for teenagers.

Picking a cotton ball with chopstick might be easy but shifting a full bowl of cotton balls using chop sticks and that too in one minute is easier said than done.

Fun Party Games For Teenagers

funny party games for teenagers

Things you need for this party game

All you need for this game are a few chop sticks, two big bowls and cotton balls.

How to play-

Make the members stand in a row and make a finishing line. Give each member cotton balls and chopsticks. Say start and all of them have to move the cotton balls from the chopsticks to the finishing lines. After one they can come back to starting line and take another cotton ball. The member who shifts maximum balls in one minute will win the game. This is one of the simple yet interesting party games for all kind of parties. Do let me know if you liked this game from my list of fun party games for teenagers. Also feel free to leave a comment if you didn’t. You may also ask if you have any doubt regarding this party game or any other funny party games in my website.

However, I have listed this game in my list of fun party games for teenagers, but you can also play it as a birthday party game, ladies kitty party game or even as a couple party game. You can bring some variations in the game by changing the cotton balls from some candies or toffees. Moreover you can also play it a a relay race game, where team members will transfer the cotton balls from one chop sticks to other.


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