Party Games : Funny Game With Coins


Party Games With Cards and Coins

Things you need

A pack of cards, stop watch, coins of 50ps, 1re, 2rs, 5rs

How to Play-

As it is ine of the one minute party games, members will get one minute to plat this game. In the time limit of one minute the member has to take the cards from the pack one by one and as she takes out one card, she has to keep the same amount of money on it using the coins of 50ps, 1re, 2rs and 5rs. For example if she first takes the card with 6, she has to keep 6rs on it- 2rs+2rs+2rs. The members who manage to do maximum right sets will be the winner of this party game. This is one of the simplest yest typical party games for the ladies kitty party.


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