Fun Party Game – Transfer The Band


Kitty parties are all about the tambola games and the one-minute kitty party games. Today in this post I am sharing a fun party game which is to be played with couples. You can also play this game in your ladies kitty party and call two ladies to play this game. To play this game you need pencils and rubber bands. You can also use the straw pipes instead of the pencils.

You can call the couples/partners one by one or call all the couples at one time too. Bring them all to the playing area and give them the task to complete. The couple who finishes the task first will be the winner of this game.

Fun Party Game – Transfer The Band

fun party game

The partners will stand on the two lines (approx 3 meters apart). Then the partner standing at the second line will hold one pencil in his mouth and the partner standing at the first line will hold one pencil in his mouth and time starts.

The partner standing at line one will put one rubber band in his pencil and move towards other partner and try to shift the pencil to his partners’ pencil (without touching a pencil or rubber band) . Then come back and put another rubber band his pencil and repeat. At the end of 2 minutes the couple who transferred the maximum number of rubber bands will ‘Couple Game‘ winner.

This is a simple game and you can play this game with kids in a birthday party too. Take two kids as partners when you are playing the game. Kids, in fact, are more enthusiast and interested in these kinds of fun games.

Do let me know via your comments how did you like this game and also let me know if you want to share some of your game ideas. I will post them under your name in my blog.

Keep kittying and keep enjoying.

See you soon in my next post.

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