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September 17, 2019

Party Games

  Any party will be boring and dull without some interesting party games, especially when it is a ladies kitty party. In this category, you will find a huge collection of games which include the one-minute games, couple games, individual games, group games, team building games, baby shower games, bridal shower games, birthday games, office games and much more. One minute games are usually played with a time limit where the players have to complete the given challenge in one minute, however, you can adjust the time according to your own preferences too. There are also some very simple games here in this category for those groups who don’t really want to involve much of the physical activities and have fun. You can play these one-minute games in your ladies kitty party and have fun with your friends. Most of these are the individual games but if you have more members in your ladies kitty party, you can first divide them into teams and then call one member from each team to play the game. This way you can involve all the members in the game. If you are playing these games in your family gathering or some family reunion party, you can twist them accordingly. Always try to keep the games in your party which can involve all age groups and most of the members at a time, otherwise, other guests or the kitty party members will get bored which obviously is not what we want.

election theme kitty party games

Election Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

eElection fever is all in the air and everyone is talking about the elections, political parties, etc, so why not to create an election theme kitty party this month. This would be the most appropriate kitty party theme for this month and if you are considering the same, this post is just for you. Here […]


New Holi Kitty Party Games

I have already shared many Holi kitty party games with you all but today I am going to share some more New Holi Kitty Party Games. These games are simple but best suitable for your Holi parties but with some tweaks and changes you can make these games suitable for any of your kitty parties. […]


Kitty Party Games For Holi- Best Holi Games

Its March and most of my friends must be searching for the kitty party games for Holi. Not just the kitty parties but the club Holi celebrations and the Holi mela things in societies are so much to happen in this month. Today I am sharing a few of my favorite Holi Party Games which […]


Holi Kitty Tambola Tickets For Sale: Holi Kitty Party Games

A kitty party is incomplete without the Tambola game. And when it is a theme party, we all want the special theme tambola tickets for our kitty party. Its the month of March and everyone will throw the Holi theme kitty party and thus we need the special Holi Kitty Tambola Tickets too. Today I […]

Birthday Party Game For Toddlers: Passing The Parcel With Twist

Birthday Party Game For Toddlers. We have been playing the game passing the parcel for years. Be it the birthday party of our kids, any picnic with friends or some family gathering, passing the parcel used to be the very first game in the list. Today I am here with an interesting twist to this […]