Best Family Reunion Games: Family Fun Together

best family reunion games

Games can turn any of your boring party into an exciting one, be it your ladies kitty party, office party, birthday party or a family reunion party. Everyone is busy in their own world these days and we hardly get time to meet our loved ones, throwing a family reunion party is a wonderful idea to get together and spend some quality time. Today I am sharing three of my favorite and best family reunion games which we often play in our reunion parties.

Best family reunion games

Kings Cup

So this is basically a drinking game and supposed to be played with beer but in our family, we play it with Karela Juice, yes you read it right. We play it with karela juice and everyone who goes wrong has to take a sip of karela juice. There won’t be any winner or loser in this game but it is just for fun and to have some amazing time with your family or friends. It is one of the best family reunion games.

You can play this game with cards or can download the app on your mobile phone. We play it with phones. So download the app and then each member will draw a card in the app one by one. Every card has its own task, the task may be for the player, for the person in his right or left or it could be for everyone too. Download the app Kings Cup and you will understand how to play it.

Roll The Dice

This is a very funny and interesting game and you can play it in your kitty party, office party, birthday party or in any of your family parties. This is a tried and tested game and trust me it is hilarious. In this game, you have to wrap a small gift in more than 50 gift wrappers or boxes. For example, you can keep a 500 Rs note in a matchbox and wrap it in many different boxes. Now make all the players stand or sit in a circle. Now each member will roll the dice one by one and the one who gets six will get a chance to unwrap the gift. Till then if some other player gets six, she or he will snatch the gift and start unwrapping it. The game goes on like this and the member who opens the gift in last will get that 500 rs note.


Jenga is again one of the favorite games for our family reunions. It is a wooden blocks game and is easily available online on Amazon and Flipkart. It is basically a Wood Block Stacking Game for Adults and Kids. We often do some tweakings in our games so here in Jenga, we keep a task for every block you remove. So for every block you take out, you have to perform a task too or else you miss a chance.



This is currently the favorite game for our family reunion parties. We play this game altogether. Again, you can make some cards to play this game or can download the app on your mobile phone. We always prefer playing it with the app. In this app, one player will keep the phone on his forehead and any one member from the family will tap on the app to get the word. Now the game beings, all the family will do the actions and try to explain the word to the one who is holding the phone, and he/she has to guess the correct word. Once he guesses the correct word, the phone will shift to the next player and the game runs…there is again no winner in this game but its all for fun and trust me its an amazing and one of the best family reunion games.

Nonstop Nonsense

In this game, you have to make everyone sit in a circle and one member who will be the host in this game will sit in the center. No the person who is sitting in the center will point on any member randomly and ask any random question. Now the task is that that member will not answer but the member sitting on his left has to answer the question and that too a nonsense answer.

Watch the video below and you will get the complete idea about this game




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