One Minute Party Game – Stack The Apples


One minute party games in office. After adding the party games to be played with card and melon, I am here with the party game with apples. This is a simple game and yet can also be included in the list of Kids Party Games.

One minute party games in office

one minute party game

Yes, you are right; this party game next in my list is played with apple. This could seem to be a boring game but trust me if you have good and enthusiast members in your party this one minute party game in office creates a good fun and laughter. I guess kids will play this game with more enthusiasm and thus I have listed is in the kids party games games with apples

To play this party game, all you need is a bowl filled with same shaped apples. Make sure that the apples are almost same in shape.

Being a one minute party game , the player will get only one minute to play this game. The player has to build a stack using these apples in one minute. The player who manages to build the stack with maximum apples will win the game. You can play this game in any of the parties , may it be a birthday party, a family gathering, an office party or even a ladies hen’s party. Please hit the FB like button if you like the one minute party games in office . Also share it with your friends on the social media websites, after all sharing is caring.

Feel free to ask if you have any queries about the party games here in my blog. I love to share my party experiences, games and ideas, and also welcome all my readers to share their ideas. Do let me know if you want to share any of your party experiences, pictures, games or activities here in my blog. One minute party games in office.




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