Baby Shower Games – Don’t Say BABY

baby shower games

This is one of the most popular baby shower games I have ever played, but to be honest it is a great fun playing this special baby shower game again and again. It is a very simple baby shower game, but ladies have a great time playing it the baby shower parties.
baby shower games

The best part about this popular baby shower game is that the host has to do no preparation for this game. It is all about fun and entertainment. Read on to know how to play this fun and laughter creating baby shower games.

baby shower games

In this game, the guest can’t speak up the mum’s word BABY. Start the game as the guest start coming in your baby shower party. As your guest enters the baby shower party hall, give each guest a diaper pin to pin it up on their dress.

Once all your guests are in the party, announce that they can’t say the word BABY till the time the game finishes. The game proceeds and continues in the whole party. When someone hears saying any guest the word BABY, she will take the rule breaker guest’s diaper pin. In the end the person having the maximum number of diaper pins wins this baby shower game.



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