One Minute Party Games : Dress Up Like Lord Krishna

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One Minute Party Games . This party games was a part of our Janamashtami theme kitty party. It was a pretty simple game but trust me we have immense fun playing this game. We got one minute to play this game as it was a one minute party game.

One Minute Party Games For Janamashtamione minute party games

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The hostess of our Janamashtami theme kitty party brought the dress of Lord Krishna along with the accessories required like the waist band, flute, earrings, bangles, bindi, flower garlands etc. We were called in pairs to play this game and I dressed up my partner as lord Krishna. I got one minute and I somehow managed to use almost every item brought by the hostess.

Although we were not the winner of the game as other couple used more items than us. Couple using the maximum number of the items to dress up Krishna was declared the winner of this janamashtami special party game.

Check out the images to know more about my one minute party games.


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