One Minute Games On Friendship Day


One Minute games friendship day . This is another add-on to my list of one minute party games. Although, it is a simple game but when played with friends creates a fun to the kitty party. You can also arrange it as an office party game or a birthday party game. We had a great fun playing this party game.

One Minute Games Friendship Day

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One Minute Games For Friends

To play this party game you need double sided tape, straws and thermochol balls. Keep the balls in a plate and tie the double sides tape on players’ hand. Now when the time starts the player have to suck a thermocol ball from the plate using straw and stick it on the tape tied on the hand.

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They have to stick maximum balls on the tape in one minute so as to make it look like a friendship band. Every member in the party will play this game and the player who sticks maximum number of balls on the tape will be the winner of this party game.

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