Paper Party Games : Star Plus Ko Jaano Pehchano

star plus one minute kitty party game ladies

One minute kitty party game ladies. Indian ladies are very fond of watching the TV serials and especially that aired on the very popular Star Plus channel. Therefore today I am bringing a paper party game for Indian ladies. This paper party game is purely related to your favourite TV serials on Star Plus. The best part about this paper party game is that the middle aged ladies will enjoy playing this game as they are most commonly seen watching the Star Plus TV serials.

One minute kitty party game ladies

star plus one minute kitty party game ladies

The image above is however making it all clear but as always I will explain you the game. This is a match the following game basically which we all have done in our school times. Unlike the school days here you have to match the Star Plus TV characters with their corresponding Star Plus Serials. This is a one minute party game and thus every member will get the time of 60 second to complete the game. If you find this game a very easy one you can also reduce the time limit to 30 seconds.

Well, I don’t watch TV serials so , for me one minute would also be less time to complete this task. 🙂

You can download the game sheet and the answer sheet from the buttons below. Do let me know through comments if you have any doubt in this game or face any issue in downloading the game sheets.

[dl url=”” title=”Download Game” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]

[dl url=”” title=”Download Answers” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]



  1. hi dear..i was wanting a few bollywood gmes..either movies or songs not very old…could you plz plz mail me some…ive been surfing on this site and one link just leads to another…plz help!


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