Paper Party Games : Match The On-Screen Couples


Check this kitty party paper game in Hindi. This is another paper party game based on the Indian TV serials. I know this game would fascinate the ladies who are looking for some simple kitty party games or some kitty party games in hindi. This is a very simple yet entertaining game as ladies love to talk about the TV serials and the on-screen couples.

Kitty party paper game in hindi

kitty party paper game in hindi

The name and the image above simplifies the game clearly. You just have to match the on-screen couples and also have to write the TV serial they work in. This is a one minute party game but you can change the timings according to the members in your kitty party. For example if you have middle aged women in your kitty party, let me tell you that they are not that fast at writing so you can give them 2 minutes to write the complete game. You can also leave the TV serial name portion if you want. Entirely upto you.

I hope the game is clear to you but if you have any doubts on the game you can leave the comment in the comment box below.

You can download the game sheet and the answer sheet from the buttons below. Do let me know if you are unable to download the sheets for any reason.

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[dl url=”” title=”Download Answers” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]


  1. I want a game in that couple should sit in opposite means they can’t see each other both will get a paper in question like what colour hubby dress me shirt pent husband have ti write which color dress in wife like these questions please send me


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