Christmas Party Games : Make Your Lollipop


Christmas party games for adults. Christmas and candies have a strong relation and thus Make Your Lollipop is the next game in my list of Christmas party games. This is a one-minute party game and the player has to do this three times in one minute. This is an individual game and thus, you have to call the members individually to play this game in your kitty party.

Christmas Party Games For Adults

christmas party games for adults

For this game you need few thick milk straws, pim pom balls, and a few nuts. Call the players individually to play this game and if you have teams in your kitty party you can call one member from each team to play this game. It will be better if you can arrange some iron rod in the place of milk straw as it can hold the nuts properly.christmast christmas party games with balls

Arrange three tables for this game and keep one straw, three nuts and one pim pom balls on each table. Now when the time starts the player have to pass the stack of three nuts and a pim pom ball into the straw in such a manner than the nuts go down the straw and the ball stays on the top. The player has to do the same on all the three tables.

This game seems to be an easy game but trust me it is easier said than done. Players have to be really very good in balancing to win this game. Players will get only 60 seconds that is one minute to play this game.

Hope I am clear enough with the game and if you have any doubt, you can leave your comment below in the comment box and I will clear all your doubts. Will soon post more of the Christmas party games for adults, keep visiting,

Merry Christmas.


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