1 Min Paper Party Games : Perfect Game For Lohri Kitty Party


1 Min Paper Party Games. Paper party games are always the most loved and liked games in ladies kitty parties and the reason behind that is women of every age groups can participate in this game unlike the other play games which can’t be played by elderly women in the ladies kitty parties.

1 Min Paper Party Games on Lohri

1 minute paper party games

As I’ve already mentioned in my earlier posts, Lohri is just a couple of weeks away and thus all the kitty parties this month will be on Lohri theme kitty party. Here I bring a new paper party game for your lohri theme kitty party. This is actually a quiz game for your kitty ladies. There are 20 questions in the sheet and all questions are based on Punjab. Some of these questions are simple and some are tough. While I made this paper party game as 1 minute paper party games but you can arrange the time according to the members in your kitty party.

What I mean is that if you feel that this would be easy for your members to solve this quiz paper, give them 30 seconds of time and if not that you can also increase the time to 2 minutes. Its entirely up to you. Just take the copies of game sheet and distribute it to your members. When the time limit is finished take the sheets from them and match the answers from your answer sheet. Member getting maximum correct answers will win this game.

Download the 1 Min paper party games on lohri here.

Do let me know if you the game sheet . I will mail paper party games to you separately.

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Happy Lohri 🙂



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