Answers to Paper party games : Naughty Brainteasers

paper party games answers

Answers to the Naughty brainteasers as paper party game

1. Coconut

2. Pyjamas

3. Ice Cream

4. Toilet seat

5. Pepsi Can

6. Tooth Brush

7. Legs

8. Sleep

9. 1000 Rs Note

10. A tent

11. Lolly Pop

12. Ring

13. Gloves


  1. Hi could u plz sent me questions of this game? I have joined you today so dont know when uou have posted the questions.Answers r looking quite eager to know about the questions. Mail me at

    Would be great if you can mail me question of the game where answers r in the name of toothpaste.


    • Hey Richa you can get the questions ‘HERE’. I am glad that you liked the games here in my website. Now that you have joined my group, you will get all the games in your inbox. Will mail you the answers of toothpaste brand names.

      • Thanks for you quick reply Shiwangi..I loved most of your games and especially the story of Karvachauth you have wtiiten in numbers form…great ideas ..Thanks again for your time.

        • Your welcome Richa..I am a big kitty freak and love to interact with kitty members worldwide. I am glad that you like my ideas..feel free to share your games here in the website.

          • Hi Shiwangi…today I have downloaded one game name “find the animals names in the rhymes” but couldn’t find the answers for the same. Please sent me a related link soon . Thanks

    • Thnqq Pooja ..m glad that you liked my games. Keep visiting to get more of such theme and games. You can also subscribe to the groups to get the latest games in your mail box. You will get a mail whenever I post any new game in the website.

    • Hey Janki you can just enter your email address in the subscription box, you will then get an activation mail in your inbox. Just click the activation link ad you will be a member of Kitty Groups Online. 🙂


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