Ladies Kitty Games : Fill In The Mocktail


Ladies Kitty Games .If you are looking for some simple ladies kitty games, this game might suit you. You just need a bit space for this game. Make sure that the restaurant allows you the water spill in  the kitty hall.  Ladies Kitty Games

Ladies Kitty Games

We need two players to play this one minute party game. You can take one player from each team. Now keep a chair having a bowl full of water or any mock tail and two spoons on it. Keep two more chairs at a few steps away each having an empty glass. The players have to fill the empty glasses with the spoon taking the water from the bowl. It is a one minute party game and thus players will get one minute of time to fill in mocktail.  Player who fills maximum water/mocktail in given time will win this one minute party game.



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