Birthday Party Games : Find The Hidden Things


Birthday Party Games. This is another game in my list of paper party games here in the Kittygroups, while it can be best suitable as one of the good birthday party games too. In a birthday party where we have kids or different age groups, we have to arrange the birthday party games which can be played by any age group and I guess this game will serve the need. Kids or age group 5- 12 can easily play these types of birthday party games.

Although it might seem to be more of a kiddish game but trust me when played as a kitty party game, this game is a real fun. I don’t think there is anything to explain this game but still all that I want to mention here is that it is a one minute paper party game and the players will get one minute time to locate the things mentioned.

You can arrange this paper party game in teams or also as an individual player. When you have teams in your kitty party, give one paper to each team and if you are playing it individually give one paper to each player. When the time starts the player has to locate the given things in the picture. The team or the player who locates maximum things will certainly be the winner of this paper party game.

paper party game find hidden things
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What I feel is that this game can be an ideal birthday party games as the kids love playing the games where they have to locate the hidden things in a picture.

If you are arranging this paper party game as a birthday party game, make it a two minutes party game as kids may take a little long to locate the things.

The things you need to locate this paper party game are-

  • the drinking glass
  • horseshoe
  • pencil
  • boot
  • ruler
  • toothbrush,
  • slice of pizza
  • sock
  • crescent moon
  • ring
  • carrot
  • mug
  • Hockey Stick
  • hat
  • spoon
  • and caterpillar

Do let me know how many things could you find out in this common yet interesting birthday party games. You can download the answer from the Download Answers Button.

[dl url=”” title=”Download Answers” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]





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