Party Games For All Ages: Break The Tower and You Are Out

fun indoor party games

Party Games for all ages . The picture and the name makes it quite easy to understand this party game. Well seeing this picture you might be guessing that the players have to make a tower and the one making the longest one will win, but sorry dear you are not completely correct.

Party Games for All Ages

party games for all ages

Yes, the game is a bit different. Here you have to bring many of polo candies and keep them all on a table. Now ask all the players to make a circle around the table. Now how the game goes is; every member will keep one candy and will make the tower. Now the player whose candy will break the tower will be out of the game.

In the end you will get the winner for this party game. This is one of the best party games for big groups and brings a great fun if arranged properly. I have put this game in the category of party games for all ages but you can also arrange this as a party game for teens.



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