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Holi is all about colors, music, and fun with friends and family, but for us, women one of the most important concerns is, what to wear for Holi celebrations. So today, in this post, I am sharing some of my ideas that you can wear for your Holi celebrations, whether it is your Holi kitty party, Holi celebration in your society/office, or with family.

If we follow the old tradition, our mothers used to make us wear the old and torn clothes on Holi but with the changing times, we now have Holi theme parties which start almost a week before the actual Holi day. So we obviously cannot wear old torn clothes for these celebrations, so here are some ideas.

Outfit Ideas for Holi Celebrations

If you ask me, my personal choice will always be to wear an Indian outfit for the Holi celebration but many of my friends love wearing westerns too, so I am sharing Holi kitty party dress ideas for both Indian and Western outfits.

White Holi T-shirt with blue/black denim

This is one of the most comfortable, basic, and all-time classic outfits and goes really well for the Holi celebrations too. There are many Holi-specific t-shirts now available on Amazon with beautiful Holi quotes written and colors imprinted. You can check these t-shirts below. There are also many family combo sets available for these White Holi T-shirts.

There are many different varieties and colors available in these t-shirts, starting from 130Rs to 500 Rs. You can select the one which suits your budget and choice.

White Hoi Special Kurti

While you can always wear and style any plain white Kurti with jeans, salwar, or palazzo for the Holi celebration, there are some Holi special Kurtis now available on Amazon.

These are the hand-printed Kurtis which can be styled with any kind of bottom. With the colorful balloons, paint, and Holi wrote, these Kurtis will indeed make you stand out of the crowd.

White Chikan Short Kurti With Jeans

This is again a very classic outfit idea that goes really well with the Holi celebrations. When we talk about white short Kurtis, Chikan Kurtis is the best choice obviously, elegant, classy, and beautiful. To make it a little festive, you can add some Indian silver or afghani jewelry items like big earrings or a layered necklace. Some rings will be an add-on certainly but make sure you don’t hurt anyone while playing Holi.

White Anarkali Suit



Wearing a beautiful white Anarkali Kurti with a pair of leggings and accessorizing it with silver jewelry is the best outfit idea for the Holi celebration. You can however wear it with a pair of palazzos too.

Long Skirt and Top Set

This is one of my favorite attires actually. Wearing a white shirt with a colorful skirt will make you look absolutely beautiful, ethnic, and stylish at the same time in your Holi celebration party.

The last two years have been very difficult and bad for the entire world and we couldn’t really celebrate our favorite festival of Holi with its full zeal and fun but thankfully now we have almost won the devil Corona. So this year we can play and celebrate the festival in its true colors.

Do let me know via comments which one did you like the most.



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