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Holi Styling Tips- What to Wear For Holi Kitty Party


Its March and Holi dhoom is already spread everywhere. Every society, apartment, clubs, cafes are having their own Holi bash. Now what comes first in our mind is what to wear in the Holi party. Ideally, White is the color for Holi parties but then again, what in white? Today I am sharing some Holi styling tips and what to wear for your Holi kitty party or the Holi celebration bash.

Holi Styling TipsHoli styling tips

Keep it Indian-

Since it is an Indian festival, it is always a great idea to keep your outfit Indian and yes if you want to trendy you can go for some Indo-western outfits like kurtis with palazzos or cigarette pants, white kurti with skirt or a pair of jeans, jeans top with a dupatta, a white crop top with a printed skirt, white plain suit with a colorful dupatta, or culottes pants with a white top. Avoid wearing a saree as it won’t be easy to carry.

Flat Footwear-

Holi is all about masti and fun and you won’t be comfortable at all in your heels. It is always best to wear flat footwear for your Holi party. Remember that the Holi colors will spoil your expensive footwear so make sure you wear something which is washable or which you can discard without a heavy heart 😀


Ethnic silver jewelry goes very well with such festivals, however, it is not advised to wear expensive jewelry or the one with sharp edges as you can hurt yourself.

Nail Paint- 

Make sure you put proper nail paints on your nails before you step out of the house to play Holi. Holi colors leave a very bad impact on nails and you won’t really like to spoil your nails for next one month.

Sun Glasses-

A cool and stylish pair of sunglasses will add that extra glam to your Holi look. Aviators will look the best and will certainly turn heads in the Holi party. Also, wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the colors. Again, do not wear the expensive ones as you may end up losing or breaking them.


This is something you won’t see girls doing on Holi, but wearing a bandana will not just make you look cool and chic but will also protect your hairs from any damage. Get some funky and cool bandanas for yourself this Holi.


These were some of my holi styling tips for you to help you make look stylish and trendy in your holi kitty party. Also, do watch this video to know How To Remove Holi Colors Easily





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