Here are some quick one-minute Navratri kitty party games you can enjoy during the festival:

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  1. Dandiya Challenge: Set up a small dandiya dance floor and give each participant one minute to showcase their dandiya skills. The person who performs the best or most creative dance within one-minute wins.
  2. Balloon Garba: Inflate a few balloons and tie them to the participants’ ankles using a string. When the game starts, participants have one minute to burst as many balloons as they can by doing Garba dance moves. The one with the most popped balloons wins.
  3. Navratri Quiz: Prepare a list of questions related to Navratri, its significance, and cultural aspects. Ask each participant a question and give them one minute to answer. Keep a score, and the person with the most correct answers in one-minute wins.
  4. Aarti Thali Decoration: Provide participants with aarti thalis (plates) and various decorating materials like colorful papers, glitter, and stickers. Set a timer for one minute, and participants need to decorate their aarti thali as creatively as possible within that time. The most beautifully decorated thali wins.
  5. Navratri Rangoli: Provide colored rangoli powders or chalk and a small designated area. In one minute, participants have to create a colorful Navratri-themed rangoli design. You can have a judge to decide the best one.
  6. Tambola Challenge: Prepare a list of Navratri-themed tambola (bingo) tickets in advance. In one minute, see how many numbers participants can cross off on their tickets. The one who crosses off the most numbers wins a prize.
  7. Dress-Up Relay: Set up a small area with Navratri-themed clothing items like chaniya cholis, turbans, and accessories. Divide participants into teams. In one minute, one person from each team has to wear as many items as possible and then tag the next team member. The team that finishes dressing up the most people within one minute wins.
  8. Navratri Doodle: Provide participants with paper and markers. Set a timer for one minute, and each person has to doodle a Navratri-related image or pattern. The most creative or intricate doodle wins.

Remember to keep the games light-hearted and fun, and don’t forget to have some prizes or rewards for the winners. These one-minute kitty party games will add a festive and enjoyable touch to your Navratri celebrations.