Simple Rangoli Design For Beginners

Simple rangoli design for beginners

Diwali is almost here and we Indians are already in festive mood. Making rangoli is one of the major part of Diwali celebrations and today I am sharing a video tutorial of a simple rangoli for beginners. Making rangoli is not difficult at all, if made with love and joyous mood.

Simple Rangoli Design For BeginnersSimple rangoli design for beginners

You can make 5 or 7 such flowers to make a big rangoli design in your lobby, balcony or in front of your entrance door.

This simple flower rangoli design I am sharing is very easy to make and takes just 2 minutes. To make this simple rangoli design, you need rangoli colours and three bottle caps of different sizes. Yes, you read it right. I made this design using the colors and bottle caps. Do watch the video to know how to make this design.

Watch the video here for Simple Rangoli Design For Beginners



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