Indian Kitty Party Games : Dress Up The Lemon


Indian Kitty Party Games . You might surely have played this one minute party game in any of your kitty parties but if not then keep it as one of your one minute party games in your kitty party next time. This is one of the simplest yet entertaining one minute party games especially for the ladies kitty party as they love playing games sitting on their chair.

For this one minute party game all you need is a few lemons and many rubber bands. you can call 3-4 members at a time to play this game or can also ask everyone to play this one minute game simultaneously.

The image below will explain the game more.

Indian Kitty Party Games

one minute party game with lemon

It is a one minute party game and thus players get one minute to complete the task. Give everyone a lemon and a few rubber bands. They will get one minute of time to put those rubber bands on the lemon. This game is easier said than done, what I mean is that it is not that easy to put the rubber bands in the lemon as it seems to be. When you put the rubber band on the lemon it slips and when you add more chances are that all of them will slip off the lemon.

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    In our kitty we play tambola with two tickets. We call 6 lines son can u help us in customizing tambola.ticket in teej theme


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