One Minute Kitty Party Games : Stack The Blocks On The Head


One minute kitty party games . This is yet another from the list of simple yet entertaining one minute party games. The name itself make sit pretty clear. Stack the blocks on the head..which means you have to stack these blocks on a plate kept on your head and balance it for a while. This is a one minute party game and thus members will get one minute of time to stack the blocks.

The member who manage to balance more blocks on their plate will win this one minute party game. The picture below will make this one minute party game more clear. You can easily get these blocks in the market. These are just the alphabet blocks we use to teach our kids. Choose the medium size blocks, not so small and not so big. If you want to make the game even tougher you can ask  the members to walk wearing their heels.

 One Minute Kitty Party Games

 One Minute Kitty Party Games

This is an interesting game although might look simpler but it is not easy to manage and balance the cubes in a plate on the head. You can arrange it as one of your kitty party games or even as your child’s birthday party games as kids love doing such kind of stuff.

You can keep the start line and finish line according to the kitty party venue. It can also be arranged as a team game as well as the individual one minute kitty party games. 


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