Fun Indoor Party Games Ideas

fun indoor party games

Fun Indoor Party Games. Indoor party games always enliven the parties, may it be a birthday party, marriage anniversary party, ladies kitty party or an office party. Especially when your party is in chilling winters, rainy days or in sizzling summers, when you cannot entertain your guests with outdoor games.

If you ask me, I would say that fun indoor party games are the inseparable part of parties as it helps guests to know each other better and everyone can enjoy the party this way. Check out a list of fun indoor party games which can brighten up your party and double the fun quotient in your party.

Fun Indoor Party Games

1. Eiffel Tower

fun indoor party games

Here you have to bring many of polo candies and keep them all on a table. Now ask all the players to make a circle around the table. Now how the game goes is; every member will keep one candy and will make the tower. Now the player whose candy will break the tower will be out of the game.

2. Men Get Pregnantbaby shower games

Ask all the men in your baby shower party to sit on chairs in a row, make sure that they are wearing the shoes with untied laces. Now give one big balloon to all men participating in this baby shower game. The men will now insert the inflated balloon in their T-Shirt, and as time starts they will tie their shoe laces and then get up and run with a vegetable basket to the finishing point.

3. Best Couple Wins

This is a couple game but actually only husbands will play the game. In this game you first have to call all the husbands in the play area and ask them to sit on chairs. Make sure there is no extra chair in the line and also make sure that all husbands are sitting at equal distance from their wives.

Now the host will start announcing the tasks and husbands have to complete them. For example at first you can say ‘Go and bring your wife’s purse’ All husbands have to run and bring their wife’s purse. Meanwhile remove one chair from the row. The man who comes late and misses a chair will be out. Now call out next task and remove one more chair and so on. valentine games

4. Dumb Charades- A very popular fun indoor party games

This is a very popular guessing game and is really an entertaining game for your guests. To play this game, you first have to divide the guests into two groups and then the first group is supposed to send one member of their team to the other group. The next group then gives him or her a movie name which he/she will explain the team by facial expressions and body movements. The contender is not allowed to utter even a single word. The other members of the team will them guess the movie name by observing those actions.

5. Save Your Balloons and Win

Call all the guests on the dance floor and give them each a balloon. Ask everyone to tie the balloon in their feet. Start the music and make them dance. Now announce that everyone has to burst each other balloons while dancing keeping their intact. fun indoor party games

By selecting some fun indoor party games you can actually make your party a great hit. These games will surely make your party more enjoyable and fun filled. Try arranging such party games in your indoor parties and also do encourage your guests to take part in the games. Keep good and exciting prizes for the games.




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