One Minute Fun Kitty Game: Lolly Pendulum


This is an interesting one-minute fun game for your kitty party, office party, birthday party or even for your family gatherings. This is an individual game and you have to call members one by one to play this game. If you have many members in your kitty party or want to play this game in your club party, you better divide members into teams first and then call one member from each team to play this game.

One Minute Fun Kitty Gameone minute fun kitty game

Things Required for this one minute kitty fun game

To play this game you need the pim pom balls, bottles, glasses and a candy tied with a string to make a pendulum.

How to play one minute fun kitty game Lolly Pendulum

  • As shown in the image above, set the bottles and glasses on a table.
  • Tie a candy to a string and make it a pendulum.
  • The challenge it to hit the pimpom ball in a way that it lands on the glass kept next.
  • This is a one minute challenge and the members will get one minute to complete the task.
  • They can try with as many balls as they want and the number of balls they transfer correctly in the glass will be there score.



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