Olympic Themed Party Ideas : Party Like an Olympian

olympic themed party ideas
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Every planned an Olympic Themed Party? If no, try one. Its one of the most interesting themed party ideas to have fun with your friends, family or colleagues. This article on Kitty Groups Online will helps with some interesting Olympic Themed Party Ideas.

Olympic Themed Party Ideas

olympic themed party ideas
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Olympic Themed Party Ideas for Invitation

Make your Olympic party invitations to look like gold medals. Cut out cardboard circles and cover them with gold foil or gold paint and attach a colourful ribbon around it. Write the party details on the other side of the medal. The wording for Olympic party invitations can say- “Let the games begin! Please join us to participate in the Olympics 2011. Opening Ceremony: (date and time) Venue: (address).

Olympic Themed Party Ideas of Decoration and Dresscode

For your sports party decorations, start out with getting lots of balloons and streamers in Olympic colors: blue, yellow, black, green, and red. Decorate the party hall with streamers of green. White and saffron colours. Play theme India songs in the background to greet the guests. Use colored hula hoops to recreate the five rings in the Olympics emblem. Hang medals and prize ribbons from the fence and trees. Make a big sign that says “Olympic Games” from thermocol. Hang Paper flags of various countries. Use a trophies as centerpieces.
Dress Code : Ask your guests to come dressed in Comfy Sneakers and track suits.

Olympic Themed Party Ideas for Activities and Games

Divide your guests for the team games in a novel fashion. Have an ‘Athlete Check-in Table’ at the entrance. As your guests arrive, direct them to that table, where they will be assigned a country to represent. Pin the name of the country (or mini-flag) to their shirt.

Game-1 Decathon : Create ten different challenges for the contestants to perform. Assign each team member one task. Give points to the players based on how well they do in each event, then award prizes for the best combined scores. The challenges can include Long Jump, Discus (Frisbee), Shot put, Running Races, Relay Races. You can come up with all sorts of neat variations, for instance that the baton of a relay race is a cone filled with ice cream.

Game-2 Olympic Rings : Place hula hoops outside in the shape of the Olympic logo. Athletes try to toss the discus (Frisbee) into the rings.

Game-3 Competitions : The team members have to blow and knot the balloons. The team which manages to blow the most balloons, wins. You can introduce a lot of variations like pie eating contest, wheelbarrow racing, clothes changing, tug of war, feather in spoon carrying, hula hoop passing or balloon popping competitions.

Game-4 Ice Cube Melt : The object of this game is for one team to be first to melt its ice cube by passing it around. The players melt their team’s ice cube by putting it between their hands, against their clothes, and so on, but they can’t put it in their mouths. The first team to completely melt its ice cube wins.

Game-5 Word Lightening : In this game, you have to ask each team to come up with the most sports words with a particular alphabet (given by you) in 2 minutes. The team that lists the most sports words beginning with the letter you announced during the 2-minute time limit wins. You may play several rounds with different letters. As a variation, you may ask the guests to write the names of the Indian cricketers. The person who writes the names of the maximum number of players, is the winner.

Game-6 Wet Your Whistle Contest : In this game, each team member has to eat a cracker completely and then whistle. The team whose members are able to whistle the most in 3 minutes, win the game.

Game-7 Team Choir : This game is about singing a song in the shortest amount of time. You need a stopwatch and the words to a short and popular song that everyone knows. To start, have the players lined up side-by-side. Have one team go at a time, and set a 3-minute time limit per team. When you start the stopwatch, the first team sings the song, with each player in line singing one word at a time. For example, if the song was “Chak De ,HO,Chak De India”, the first player would sing, “Chak”, the second player would sing, “De,” etc., until the team completes the song. If a player sings a wrong word, the team is out of the game. The team that completely sings the song in the shortest amount of time wins. As for the variation, you may also ask the team members to write, compose and sing a cheer leaders song for the country they are representing.

Olympic Themed Party Ideas For The Menu-

Serve a low calorie, healthy menu at your sports theme party .

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