1 Minute Game For Kitty Party : Find The Animals

one minute game kitty party

Today I am sharing a simple 1 minute game kitty party. It is a paper party game for kitty party basically but I have listed in my list of one minute kitty party games because the players will get the time limit of one minute to complete the challenge.

You just need to take the printout of the game sheet according to the number of player in your party. Give one sheet to each member of your ladies kitty party and their challenge is to find the number of animals in the given image. The players will get only one minute to locate the animals and write their names on other side of paper or below the image if space is available. Also ask the players to mark the animals in the picture and write the name with that number. For example, if they mark number 4 for bear, they have to write Bear at number four position in their paper below.

1 Minute Game Kitty Party

one minute game kitty party

This is a simple 1 minute game kitty party but you can also keep it in your kid’s birthday party games. If the kids in the party are very small, give them two minutes to complete the challenge and also don’t expect the names of all the animals in the image.

If you are reading this post, do try to leave your answers below via the comment box. Try recognizing the animals in the above image and write them in the comment box below. If you ask me I can locate only a few of the animals like- elephant, tiger, cocoon, tortoise, squirrel, koala, rabbit, bear, monkey and that’s it. However I can see many more animals here in the image but I don’t know their names. Do leave your comments below if you have any doubts regarding this 1 minute game kitty party or any other party games in my websites.



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