New Holi Kitty Party Games


I have already shared many Holi kitty party games with you all but today I am going to share some more New Holi Kitty Party Games. These games are simple but best suitable for your Holi parties but with some tweaks and changes you can make these games suitable for any of your kitty parties.

New Holi Kitty Party Gamesnew holi kitty party games

Find Balloons-

In this game, you need the colored balloons, (not blown). Now put all those colored balloons in a mug which is not transparent. Make the slips of the colors and call the members one by one to play the game. Now the members will take out one slip and the challenge is to take out that color balloons from the mug. When they takeout all the balloons of that particular color, they will pick another slip and play again. For example, the first slip says, white, the member will take out all white balloons from the mug and then she will take out other slip and play again. The rule here is that if there is any white balloon left in the mug, her game will be disqualified. She first has to take out all the first color balloons from the mug. Make sure you use a deep mug so that it is difficult for the members to find out the balloons.

Colorful Balls Holi kitty party game

In this game, you need the small colorful thermocol balls, two glasses, and straw pipes. Make sure you bring the entire packet of straw pipes because no member would use a used straw. No make the slips of the colors of the balls you are using. Call the members one by one and ask them to pick a slip. For example, she takes out the slip of green color, the challenge for her is to take out all the green color balls using the straw pipes from glass to the other. The member who takes out the maximum number of balls in one minute or half a minute will be the winner of this game. This is a one-minute party game but you can keep it for half a minute too.

Happy Holi

In this game also you need the colorful thermocol balls to play. Also, you need a plain drawing sheet, vaseline and straw pipes. Paste the sheet in the wall and keep the thermocol balls in a bowl or a glass. Now the members will come one by one and apply vaseline on the sheet first. Now when the time starts they have to suck out the balls from the glass using the straw pipes and write the word HOLI on the sheet using the balls. The member who writes the word HOLI, the maximum times in the given one minute will be the winner of this game. This is one of the best new holi kitty party games.



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