How to Style Shawl With A Saree| Best Saree Drape Ideas


Do you wear a saree with shawl for winter parties? I know we women hardly feel cold, especially in parties. You will often see women in the winter parties wearing short dresses and sleeveless outfits and blouses in winter parties and wonder how and why we never feel cold.

Well, the reason is ‘Fashion ki Aag’ 😀

We always want to look the best and winter coats, sweaters and shawls can make us look outdated and nonfashionable.

Not anymore!

Fashion has changed a lot now and we can style our winterwear as we want. Stay stylish, and feel cozy at the same time. Here in this post, I am sharing some of my ideas of styling a shawl with your saree for your winter weddings. Do let me know via comments if you like them or not.

Saree With Shawl Drape Ideas

Maharani Shawl Drape

  • Here in this drape, you have to wear the seedha palla (Gujarati) saree drape.
  • Now take a shawl and tuck in your underskirt on the left side of your waist.
  • Now take it from the back under the palla and bring it on the right side.
  • Now rest it on your left shoulder just like a normal saree palla.
  • And drop your saree palla to your right hand. Proper maharani saree drape it looks. So classy and super gorgeous. 

Seedha Palla Shawl Drape

Now, this is just a modification of the above-mentioned maharani saree shawl drape. Here you will not drop the saree palla to your hand but keep it set on your right shoulder. This looks equally classy and gorgeous.

Hidden Shawl Saree Drape

As the name itself suggests, in this drape, your shawl will be hidden. This is perfect for the times when we don’t get a matching shawl with our saree or when our saree is just so beautiful to hide behind the sweater and coat.

  • Here you will first wear your saree in the normal way.
  • Drop the palla down and now tuck the shawl in the left side of your waist.
  • Same as the first drape, take the shawl from your back and place it on your left shoulder like a saree palla.
  • Now take the saree palla dropped on the ground and place it on your left shoulder hiding the shawl.
  • That’s it. Your shawl will not be visible at all, it won’t hide your saree design and the best part is that you won’t feel cold either.

Please watch my saree drape video below if you have any doubts regarding the drape steps.


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