New Christmas Party Games 2018


Christmas is almost here and my friends must have already started looking for some new Christmas party games. Today I am sharing two new games for your Christmas party games. These are the simple games but are interesting to be played in the kitty parties.

New Christmas Party Games

Marshmallow Race

Marshmallows are closely related to Christmas parties and thus this is one of the perfectly suitable and new Christmas party games. To play this game you need the marshmallows and the cup of hot chocolate.

We all know that eating Marshmallows take time and thus the challenge here in this game is to finish the marshmallows and then drink the cup of hot chocolate in one minute and the member who finished the maximum number of marshmallows will be the winner of this game. You can play this game individually or in teams as well.

Guessing Game

This is kind of dumb charades for words but in a different way. This is a couple game and you need to call the members in pairs to play the game. One of the members will wear the paper hat made by you which will have the Christmas words written on it. The other member will give the clues and the member wearing the hat have to guess the word. Watch the video below to understand the game better.

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Do leave a comment below if you have some more ideas of new Christmas games for the kitty party or even for the Christmas party with kids in your family or society apartments.



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