Christmas Memory Game For Kids

christmas memory game kids

This is a nice and interesting Christmas Memory Game For Kids. You need to make 32 play cards for this game with Christmas images on the cards.

Christmas Memory Game Kidschristmas memory game kids

Things Required

Make 16 Christmas Cards with images related to the festival like Santa, Christmas Tree, Balls etc and then make duplicate of each so that you have 32 cards.

How to play Christmas Memory Game Kids

  • Place the cards in a row on the table.
  • Call the kids one by one to play this memory game.
  • Each kid will get a chance to pick their cards and find a match. The kid can play until he/she picks a wrong match. If they don’t find a match, it’s the next persons turn.
  • For example the player picks a card of Santa and get the match, he will get another chance to pick the card.
  • If the kid doesn’t get a match he/she will miss the chance.
  • One pair of cards will be counted as 1 point and kid with maximum points will be the winner of this Christmas memory game.



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