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Navratri Paper Game: God and Godesses

This is a simple Navratri Paper Game for your Navratri theme kitty party. You can also play this game in your society Navratri Celebrations. All you need to do is to get the printouts of this game sheet or make it on your own.

The challenge for the members is to fill in the correct answers in the given sheet. One minute time is allotted to this game and the one who writes maximum correct answers in one minute will be the winner of this game.

navratri paper game

You can download the game sheet above and below are the answers of the above-mentioned questions.

कौन वाहन किस भगवान का है?

  1. मोर कार्तिकेय जी
  2. चूहा गणेश जी
  3. मछली झूलेलाल जी
  4. कमल  सरस्वती जी
  5. कौआ शनिदेव
  6. भैंसा यमराज जी
  7. शेर दुर्गा माता
  8. मगरमचछ गंगा मात
  9. उल्लू लक्श्मी माता
  10. गरुड विश्नू भगवान
  11. गधा सीतला माता
  12. हाथी इन्द्र देव

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