BeYu Liquid Eyeliner Is Perfect For Gym or Swimming: 100% Waterproof


BeYu Liquid EyeLiner. I have recently come across the BeYu cosmetics and boy I am loving them like anything. BeYu is a German company and has been catering the makeup junkies with its wonderful range of cosmetic items. Being an elite cosmetic range, these products are available only on the top beauty stores.

After reviewing the BeYu lipsticks I am now reviewing its liquid eyeliner in No. 10. Which is claimed to be the darkest black eyeliner and 100% waterproof. Let’s check out if the company stands to its claims or not.

BeYu Liquid Eye Liner No 10BeYu Liquid Eyeliner

If the company claims that it is the darkest black eyeliner, yes, they are correct. This is THE DARKEST black eyeliner I have ever come across. I am liquid eyeliner lover and always prefer the liquid ones over the liner pencils or the gel-based eyeliners. The reason is that I sweat a lot and have the oil eyelids and thus none of my dry eyeliners are ever smudging proof.

BeYu claims this liquid eyeliner to be 100% waterproof and TRUST ME when I say that YES IT IS. I sweat like hell and this is the reason I am always scared to wear the eyeliner in my gym, or in my dance parties or even while shopping when I know I will sweat a lot and will turn into witchy eyes in no time.

BeYu liquid eyeliner has actually come as a savior to me. Boy, it never ever smidges, even if you are swimming. That’s crazy!!!

This eyeliner is just perfect for your swimming or gymming sessions or even for any of your sports activity because it is actually 100% waterproof.

The packaging of BeYu Liquid Eye Liner

This wonderful liquid eye liner comes in a small black plastic container with a lovely brush kind of applicator. The applicator is very thin and helps you apply the thin and winged liner easily. You can anyways apply some more if you want to get a thicker liner.  The drawback here is that the consistency of this eyeliner is a bit thicker and the applicator is quite delicate for the same.

Pigmentation and Application of BeYu Liquid Eye Liner

This is one of the darkest black as I have mentioned above and the other best part about it is that it takes just a few seconds to dry. And, once it is dried, only a heavy-duty makeup remover can take it off. You go and swim, dance, play sports, workout or do whatever you want, the eyeliner will be at its place until you remove it using a makeup remover.

This actually is also its small drawback to some extent. The product dries so fast that you might not get time to correct your mistakes. Plus, the quality of being 100% waterproof really makes it difficult to take it off.

Price of BeYu Liquid Eye Liner

The eyeliner is available for Rs 990 and is available on Flipkart and Purplle. If you want to buy it offline, hit to the Lifestyle Stores.


  1. Great pigmentation
  2. Gives matte look
  3. Dries quickly
  4. 100% waterproof


  1. Dries very quick and thus you won’t get time to correct your mistakes
  2. Requires heavy duty makeup remover to clean it off
  3. Pricey

Rating and Verdict

It is overall a nice product and the best thing is that it gives a classy matte look after drying out. The quality of being 100% waterproof makes it the best suitable eyeliner for people with oily eyelids and for people like me who sweat a lot.

I rate it 4.5/5 and that 0.5 goes for the requirement of heavy duty make remover to remove it.


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